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Cultivate A Mentally Resilient Culture + Watch Your Company Thrive

Resilient Workplaces Don't Happen By Accident

DE&I Leaders and Corporate HR teams know that companies who invest in the mental and emotional wellbeing of their employees benefit from having happy and high-performing teams who are committed to the company’s values and goals. That’s why making a commitment to nurture the mindset that drives behavior is an essential element of a thriving and resilient company culture. 

While corporate wellness is an important component of wellbeing as a whole, the true magic happens when you create a supportive, inclusive and safe space to equip your people with the tools needed to confidently take ownership of their wellness initiatives. 

That’s why Nichomi Higgins has been partnering with organizations for nearly five years to deliver dynamic, action-oriented workshops that equip individual contributors and their leaders with the tools to better manage the stress and burnout that naturally come with the demands of performing optimally in a constantly changing and fast paced environment.


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Nikki knows how to connect to people on a real meaningful level. Throughout her talk, my team sent text messages saying just how much they loved listening to her speak. Did I mention the line of people who wanted to pick her brain afterward.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Who Says Leaders Have All The Answers

One of the main barriers preventing leaders from reaching their full potential isn’t missing the right skill set. Nor is it experience or training. The biggest roadblock? It’s a lack of self-confidence and its cousin, Imposter Syndrome. On the heels of imposter syndrome...Burnout!


Through a dynamic approach to leadership mindset and wellness coaching, Nichomi helps high-performing leaders address burnout at the root and break free from imposter syndrome and overthinking so they can find the confidence to lead in alignment with their values. 

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Thriving From The Inside Out

An impactful workshop that establishes mindfulness around five crucial pathways to shift mindset, break through internal barriers, and create harmony between work and personal life. Because oftentimes, finding a true work/life balance isn’t always possible. 


Sans the gimmicks and clever words, THE MINDSET FACTOR is an evidence-based in person or virtual learning program that translates the latest science into easy-to-action tools that supercharge the wellbeing and performance of your leaders and their team..

The program includes five crucial pathways that promote your leaders' positive mental wellbeing, confidence and resilience.. 

Your Leaders Will Discover How To:


Let go of outdated leadership beliefs that often fuel imposter syndrome and lead to burnout.


Find more meaning and purpose in their work in order to enhance endurance and agility.


Finally be present for date nights, family vacations, and kids' soccer games without constantly thinking about their to-do list or glancing at their phone.


Avoid the 6 power pitfalls that can absolutely throttle almost any leaders professional and personal life.


Practice a growth mindset to harness stress and fear in ways that are good for themselves and their teams.

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Rooted in the tenets of positive psychology, THE MINDSET FACTOR incorporates elements of the five PERMA components: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment


Whether customized to address the unique needs of your mid-level leaders or individual contributors. THE MINDSET FACTOR can be done in one session or split into 5 different sessions depending on organizational preference, time restrictions and global workforce landscape.


We also offer 1:1 leadership Wellbeing Check-Ins to facilitate ongoing support in a safe space and how to best implement these 5 pathways. We encourage you to schedule a Discovery Call for more details and how we can customize THE MINDSET FACTOR to best fit your organization’s needs.


The SolCentered Difference

At SolCentered Life we believe that a positive mindset drives productive behaviors that result in transformative growth. We also believe in the value of making big concepts around wellness digestible through the use of practical tools that can be implemented today!


Over the years Nichomi has become a valued partner, because she is more than a mental health professional.  She employs her seasoned leadership experience as a WOC, sound clinical background and seasoned presence as a thought leader to create trusted spaces that are engaging and relatable. She understands the value of delivering a unified message that is also inclusive of diverse cultural and gender backgrounds and experiences. Whether presenting to your Asian-Pacific sales force or European teams,  Nichomi understands the importance of being able to adapt on the premise that every professional shares a common desire to show up confidently in their roles as strong contributors.


A few points to highlight:


  • Wide exposure to a variety of industries and international audiences

  • Relevant and relatable content that is both thought provoking and applicable

  • 15+ years of seasoned leadership experience that lends itself to better understanding organizational and individual pain points​​

  • Able to accommodate global markets if english is the primary language spoken

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Workshops and Keynotes - Where the rubber hits the road.

You need intelligent strategies and thoughtful guidance as you set empowering expectations to elevate your culture. Fortunately, we are able to deliver customized trainings and programs that meet your unique needs without killing your budget.  Schedule a discovery call today!

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