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Radiate Your Unique Brilliance

You deserve to live in a world where your dream becomes reality and your legacy is something you enjoy building. You’re so close. It’s time to push through and turn your life into a work of art. 

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Everything Feels At A Standstill, And Yet Your Next Level Has Arrived

From the outside looking in, you’ve got it pretty figured out! You’re doing everything that you were taught would help you achieve fulfillment.


And still, it hasn’t come! On top of that, you sense a greater call on your life; but you can’t quite figure out what it is. Nothing makes sense, and you are officially running on auto-pilot, so you’ve done what you know how to do. 

You’ve accepted the promotion, launched another business venture, rebranded and recalibrated for the umpteenth time! Still, the secret to what is missing in your life seems hidden!  


You see, your efforts seem to fail because they don’t actually get to the root cause of why many accomplished women do “everything right” and still struggle to find fulfillment and purpose.


Using my proprietary I.D.D.E.A. to Identity™ blueprint, we get to the root! Through a unique synthesis of science and spiritual wisdom I provide dynamic programs that teach amazing humans like yourself to see themselves for who you truly are by identifying the faulty programming that’s holding you back from the life that will deliver more joy, money and authentic connection. Together, we close the gap between where you are and where you're supposed to be.

Ready To Expand and Explore Your Possibilities?

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From Fear To Freedom

It’s time to answer your calling and pursue the dreams your busy life has prevented you from entertaining. 


This 5-module course will provide you with practical training and resources to exit the hamster wheel of fear and discover the sweetness of clarity and direction (even if you do have a thousand things on your plate)




DO YOU FEEL IT? That nagging pressure to take action. But not just any action, the kind that will release you from those energy depleting behaviors and limiting beliefs that are currently preventing you from confidently rising into your purpose as a unique and authentic expression of G-d's Hand. 

You don't have to figure this out alone.  Let's use this time in your life as an amazing opportunity to extract powerful lessons that fuel your growth and legacy.

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Feeling heard and understood with no judgements or push to "fix me". Nichomi modeled acceptance of all the parts of me, which enabled me to to do the same effortlessly.

Past client

Nichomi Keeps it 100 and if folks are not really committed to honest engagement with their inner selves, they may not be ready. But if they are, they are in for life altering insights and realizations.

Past Client

Realizing that fear was driving way too many decisions in my life was a game changer. Nichomi helped me to confront what the fears were rooted in while still charting a path to a life and career that I truly desired.

Past Client

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