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Become Your Best Self By Fearlessly Pursuing Your Truth, Purpose, + Passion

Sustainable practices that will break your limiting beliefs, heal self-sabotage, and help you find your soul-center.

You're A Visionary. It's Time To Embrace It.

Purpose Perspectives is all about how to best identify, unpack, and develop sustainable practices that will allow you to break through mindset blocks that impede your ability to confidently create a harmonious life. 


Your unique brilliance deserves to radiate and your innate strengths belong in the eyes of the world. This is your opportunity to lean into your soul-center and unpack any behavioral, environmental, and social factors that trigger negative talk, emotions, and feeling less than. 


The beauty of finding our highest self and truly embodying our purpose-driven life is that it is a journey. Purpose Perspectives will give you the tools to confidently navigate those ebbs and flows so that you can carry it through your everyday life, your business, and your mind.

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I make no secret that I'm white. When I began this book, I wasn't sure that I would truly be able to relate to it, as it was written by a black woman for black women. But I found a lot of points the author made in this book could apply to any woman who needs to have faith and confidence in themselves. Between the covers, this book could serve as a primer for all women to find their strength and learn how to be a stronger individual.



Purposeful Perspectives

It’s time to find your path forward. This soul-centered, intentional, and uplifting book is meant to open the doors to lean into robust conversations that promote your mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness. 


While it was written to empower black women to find their calling, root into their purpose, and find harmony, this book serves as a safe space for anyone ready to get unstuck. Those limiting beliefs, attitudes, and fears that hold you back is part of an old narrative that gets rewritten today. 


Purposeful Perspectives provides tips and strategies that will bring you closer to the woman you desire to become. You’ll also receive a digital companion journal for reflection and support to aid your personal growth.

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Step closer to your highest self. This 50 card deck of self-mastery reflection promotes self-growth, moments of gratitude, and daily practices to find your soul-center.


Maybe you need something to start your morning off on the right foot, end your night on a positive note, or a small reminder when things get tough. Regardless of your need, the deck is equipped with gentle reflections, potent prayers, calming meditations, and stimulating call to actions to guide you along your journey.

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Nichomi is a wonderful healer and her book and cards are a reflection of her gift.



Hi, I'm Nichomi!

I’m a passionate Speaker, Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist, and Soul-Centered Mentor.


I wrote Purposeful Perspectives to equip women worldwide with the tools, resources, and guidance to break down thought barriers. 


I’m a strong believer that the world becomes a better place when a woman says yes to the call to fulfill her purpose through leadership and business ownership. In order to set that foundation and tap into your unique brilliance, I wanted to create a safe space to empower women to embrace their soul-center and create a harmonious life with confidence.

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